Saturday, February 12, 2011

One of my favorite television shows: Cosmos

I've decided to post at least some of the Cosmos episodes from YouTube.  One of my favorite is the "Shores of the Cosmic Ocean", which is broken into six parts. I will embed them here....enjoy!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome To My Blog-iverse!

I'm a scientist (astronomer), a mother, a wife, and unfortunately, I'm also seriously ill. I have quite a large number of diagnoses, including Lyme disease.  But, to paraphrase one of my online friends, although I have Lyme disease (and lupus, and RA, and autoimmune hepatitis, and celiac disease,  and psoriasis, and fibromyalgia, etc., etc.), they do not have ME!

Over the years I have created several blogs on a variety of topics, including: living with Lyme disease, celiac disease and gluten free living, my archive for favorite gluten free recipes, and a discussion of my Christian faith as a scientist (NOTE: I am definitely NOT right wing!).

I don't plan (at this time) to actually use this site as a "blog".  Instead, it will act as my "home page" containing the links for each of my many blogs.  These may be found in the left hand panel...feel free to explore any or all of them, and thanks so much for visiting!!